I am a Republican

I am a Republican – a Kansas Republican in the proud tradition of Dwight Eisenhower, Bob Dole and Nancy Landon Kassebaum.  I am a civic Republican, one who believes that government must be limited in its reach and powers and that government must function effectively for the good of its citizens.

My vote is not for sale, nor can my vote be coerced.  My vote reflects the values and priorities of the people I represent, plain and simple.

I am a fiscal conservative – living within my means, saving for emergencies, investing wisely and working hard to support my family.  I refuse to support reckless, non-transparent spending.  Similarly, I refuse to support sweeping changes in economic policy that roil the bond and credit markets and jeopardize the future delivery of essential governmental services.

I value the vision of our Founding Fathers – a representative government with a system of checks and balances that separates power between three separate but co-equal branches of government, where power is ultimately endowed in the people.  The greatest act of patriotism is the exercise of our right to vote, and access to free public education empowers all citizens.

I support free-market capitalism – choice and competition drive the economic engine that has created boom times in this nation’s history.  Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country is the cornerstone of growth and opportunity, and essential to that opportunity is the preservation and protection of private property rights.

Civil discourse and civic engagement are imperative to safeguard the marketplace of ideas and uphold our constitutional right to speak freely and offer dissent.  A willingness to engage in meaningful discussion, in-depth research and critical analysis is vital to the health of the Kansas economy.  Stepping up to serve this country through elected office, volunteerism or military service is essential to our democracy.

I stand for good government, the government closest to the people.  Effective policy and strategic thinking can lead to government that works smoothly and efficiently, while local control gives power to the people most directly affected.

I am a Republican.  Yet in today’s political climate, traditional Republican values have been corrupted by extremists, claiming to be agents of change both extreme and costly to our state… a faction which hides behind the respected Republican brand in an effort to defund and dismantle our state’s infrastructure.  The policies they espouse are radical departures from stable fiscal policy.  They jeopardize the economy and endanger our children’s future with reckless abandon merely to score political points.  I reject their extremist agenda, and call on other Kansans to join me in a reaffirmation of these traditional Republican values that have made Kansas such a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Source: Rep. Melissa Rooker